Information for:

  • Continuing Education
  • Lifelong Learning

Adult Skills and Enrichment

  • Computer courses including Microsoft Suites, Adobe Photoshop, and AVID Pro Tools; Adult skills courses including Tai Chi, Basic Sewing and Pattern-Making, Music lessons; Audit a foreign language course and other NJCU courses.

    •  Click HERE to download a registration form to register by mail or in person.

    Audit a language course 
    The Language Auditing Program enables individuals to audit undergraduate language courses on a non-credit basis for a full semester. Course offerings include French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese. Chinese language courses are now available at a subsidized price through the Confucius Insitute at NJCU, contact us for information.  Those interested in auditing a language course should consult the undergraduate master course list at The Language Auditing Program is administered by the Office of Continuing Education. With the permission of the department chair, auditors may also be welcome in other undergraduate courses.   For English courses please email or call (201) 200-3423.
    Cost: $450.00 per course (Chinese class will cost less)
    Contact: or (201) 200-3089.
    Audit other NJCU courses

    Auditors are also welcome in a variety of other undergraduate courses with the permission of the department chair, contact or (201) 200-3089 for more information.