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    Populous Art Exhibition 05:00 PM - 05:00 PM


    Populous : Exploring the impact of people on the spaces they inhabit. Featuring the work of Kirk Bray and Daniel Brophy Curated by Michelle Mumoli September 20 - October 25 Opening reception: Thursday, September 20th 5-8pm Artist talk: Thursday, October 25th 6pm Gallery hours: Mon- Fri 11am-5pm and by appointment Special gallery hours: Saturday, October 13th 12-6pm*A *Part of the Jersey City Artist Studio Tour Kirk Bray and Daniel Brophy create a thorough artistic dialogue through their work relating to over-crowded landscapes and the residual manifestations of those forces brought on by the people who inhabit those areas." Kirk Bray grew up in Woodbury, MN, and his childhood there had a major impact on him as he watched his city grow from 10,000 residents to nearly 50,000 in a relatively short period of time. The growth affected the way he creates and views art. “My favorite wooded area became a Target store. Old Victorian homes were replaced by fast food and gas stations. Large amounts of country side were replaced by layers of asphalt, street lights and homes. This is the case with most newer suburbs across the United States. The charm for some reason, stopped.” Kirk has been living and working in Jersey City, NJ since 2005. Daniel Brophy- “I grew up a Baptist hearing about the fire and brimstone in the Apocalypse of John. Living in an economic crisis and information age has surged my interest in the idea of survival and people who practice solitude voluntarily or involuntarily. Human relationships with strangers or friends or family find a way into the paint. The overall landscape that inhabits the fictional characters is crammed with a hodgepodge of garbage and American culture, a picker and scrapper’s dream, where piles of junk represent the overload of trivial mental stimulation. I want the art to examine the details down to the dust in the corner of a room, and to see the physical context from a distance. The struggle with routine, for a transformed self, to know someone, is the mood or spirit I hope my art communicates. The constant conflict between knowledge and faith is an important underlying idea that shows up in the art. All in all, my work is a mix of the surreal with day-to-day life, existential portraits of humanoid and human, barren fields of lost nostalgia and time.” Daniel Brophy lives and works in Newark, NJ. Curator, Michelle Mumoli - With a background in Film and Media from New Jersey City University, Michelle Mumoli has been curating art events for close to 10 years in the NY Tri-State Area, most recently under the guise of ‘Pop-UP Art’. She was awarded a Newark ArtStart Grant in 2005 for her video production workshops with Newark public school children and in 2007 worked as Associate Producer on a feature length documentary, which premiered to a sold out crowd at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. She is now Assistant Director of the Not Yo Mama’s Fair alongside Founder/Artist Megan Gulick and independently curates art exhibitions throughout the New York Tri-State Area.

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