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    Migration StoriesArt Exhibits 11:00 AM - 05:00 PM

    Location:Visual Arts Gallery

    Migration Stories is a collaboration between Leona Strassberg Steiner, a Photography student, and Catherine Raissiguier, a Women’s and Gender Studies Professor here at New Jersey City University. During the fall of 2013 Leona Strassberg-Steiner took portraits of both students and faculty, while the participants came together to document, picture, and narrate their lives, hopes, and struggles as first-generation immigrants.

    Through the combined power of words and images (both ours and that of all the participants in this project) we have captured and exposed the complexity of our trajectories, the richness of our dreams, and the range of emotions connected to our lived experiences of im/migration.

    This is a work in progress. We hope to collect more images and narratives from first-generation immigrants in order to continue telling a layered and complex story of what it means to be an immigrant today. Interested in sharing your first generation immigrant experience? Contact us: Catherine Raissiguier, Karnoutsos #535/Tel: 201 200 3551 or Leona Strassberg Steiner, 201-240-2190

    The closing reception is held on January 28, 4:30 - 7:00 p.m. at the Visual Arts Gallery, located at 100 Culver Avenue.

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