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  • Learn more about the NJCU Foundation and its important work on campus in creating a vibrant, well-supported education community.

    Tax Status and Registration

    Q: Is the NJCU Foundation an independent, tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization? 

    A: Yes

    Q: What is the NJCU Foundation's New Jersey Charities Registration number?

    A: CH-1669300

    Supporting the NJCU Foundation

    Q: Why should I support the NJCU Foundation?

    A: New Jersey’s public higher education institutions have experienced decades of declining state support. New Jersey City University now receives less than 20 percent of its funding from the state of New Jersey. Private philanthropic support provides NJCU with the flexibility to meet the continued fiscal challenges and seize the opportunities that will keep this University at the forefront of innovation.

    Q: How should I make my check payable?

    A: Please make your check payable to the NJCU Foundation.

    Q: How do I make a gift of stock to the NJCU Foundation?

    A: For electronic transfers, please contact Lori Summers, Assistant Vice President for Development, at (201) 200-3489 or to obtain the NJCU Foundation’s account information.  Send a letter to your broker with instructions on which stock and how many shares you would like to transfer to the New Jersey City University Foundation (indicating the Foundation’s account number). If you hold the stock certificates yourself, please mail the certificates with a letter that includes your name, address, intended purpose of your gift to the NJCU Foundation, and your signature. Do not endorse or sign the certificates. Please mail both the signed letter and certificates by first class mail to: Lori Summers,  Assistant Vice President for Development, NJCU Foundation, New Jersey City University, 2039 Kennedy Blvd., Jersey City, NJ 07305

    Q: How do I include the NJCU Foundation in my will or estate plan?

    A: You may include a charitable bequest, for either a percentage or a specific dollar amount, to benefit the NJCU Foundation in your will. A charitable bequest enables you to keep control of your assets during your lifetime and make a gift to the University at your death. In order to ensure compliance with your wishes, it is important to document your estate commitment with the NJCU Foundation. Please contact Lori Summers,  Assistant Vice President for Development, at (201) 200-3489 or at for a private and confidential consultation on how you can plan for the future.

    Q: Does the NJCU Foundation accept gifts of real estate, art, or other personal property?

    A: Yes. Please contact Lori Summers,  Assistant Vice President for Development, at (201) 200-3489 for more information.

    If you have additional questions about the work of the NJCU Foundation that are not addressed here, please contact Lori Summers,  Assistant Vice President for Development, at (201) 200-3489 or at