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  • Parking & Transportation Service Announcement

    Lot 3A will be closed to accommodate ongoing construction on the West Campus. With a regular construction schedule, it is anticipated that the new Lot 3A will be open in the 2014 spring semester. (MAP)

    West Side Avenue
    Students and visitors who normally use Lot 3A may continue to use the entrance at West Side and Audubon Avenues. Upon entry into the Lot, students or visitors without a pre-paid plan will be required to pay a cash rate of $7.00. (This is the only location on the West Campus where cash payment will be accepted.) Once payment is made, they will continue to drive along a new road that leads to parking along South Road and Lots 7 and 6, which are adjacent to Route 440 North.

    Route 440
    Faculty and staff must continue to enter Lot 7 only via Route 440, where they must present a valid Gothic Card for entry.

    The exit from Lot 6 to Carbon Place will be open during regular hours beginning Monday, October 21, allowing for access to Route 440 (left) and Carbon Place (right). Vehicles exiting Lot 7 may turn right for access to Route 440 North or left on to South Road for access to West Side Avenue. At West Side Avenue, only right turns will be permitted.

    Shuttle buses will continue to provide service directly to and from Lots 6 and 7 and will make an additional stop near the Lot 3A exit

    Michael B. Gilligan Student Union Garage and Lot
    There are no changes to the parking arrangement in the garage or adjacent lot on Culver Avenue.

    We appreciate your patience during this difficult time and we want to assure you that every effort is being made to accommodate our students, faculty and staff.
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