Information for:

  • Continuing Education
  • Lifelong Learning

Information for Current Continuing Education Students

  • The Office of Continuing Education serves as an information source for evening program and continuing education students.

    Continuing Education Class Locations

    For continuing education class locations, contact the Office of Continuing Education at (201) 200-3089.

    University Closings

    If it becomes necessary to cancel classes and/or work or to delay opening due to various types of emergencies including but not limited to inclement weather or manmade and/or natural disasters, an announcement will be made on the following radio and television stations: 

    • 1010 WINS 6 minutes after the hour - New York, Westchester, Connecticut (Radio)
      • 33 minutes after the hour - New Jersey
      • 48 minutes after the hours - Long Island
    • NJ101.5 (Every 30 minutes on the hour and half-hour, Radio)
    • 97.3 (Southern New Jersey, an affiliate of NJ 101.5)
    • News 12 New Jersey (Cable Television)

    In addition:

    • A taped telephone announcement will be available from the University at (201)200-2000
    • School closings information will also be available at 
    • Updated information will be available at 
    • The University phone chain will be implemented immediately after a decision is reached. 
    • For more information call (201)200-3127 / 3128, email: or visit the website at: 

    NJCU Certificate Replacement

    New Jersey City University is not responsible for lost or stolen certificates. For a certificate replacement, complete a certificate replacement form, available at the Office of Continuing Education. There is a $10 fee and a two-week waiting period for each continuing education certificate replacement.