• Panopto Coursecast video lecture capture software
    Using a laptop (or your office PC/Mac) with a camera and microphone, creators can record video/audio or just audio to save the file locally or if connected to the Internet upload it to the server immediately after the session and send a link (secured or open to the public) via email to students and the public for viewing at a later date. It also incorporates Power Point presentations, PDF files and captures the sceen of the computer during the recording. These options can be turned on or off prior to recording. Please contact Asad Syed or Allen Smith to set up an account and download the free software on the computer you want to do recording with.                                                                                                   
    Web enhanced on-campus courses available
    If you are a NJCU faculty member interested in developing web resources for courses, we encourage you to contact the Center for Instructional and Technological Innovation. They can help you improve NJCU education through the effective use of technology.
    Doctorate in Educational Technology
    A master's program in Educational Technology is being offered by the College of Education. The students in this program taking Ed Tech classes have priority use of Lab E in Academic computing. 
    Information Technology Services (IT) Support
    Access information on systems and applications that the IT Department maintains and supports, as well as updates and security patches for campus-wide PC applications.

    Online Learning
    The department of Online Learning administers both undergraduate and graduate online classes. Students interested in classes go to Prospective Students for information. The department has Faculty Resources to assist faculty in creating new courses or help with existing courses using WebCT.

    Printing in the Academic Computing Labs
    Printing from each computer is now enabled in all labs in Academic Computing. In our continuing efforts to improve the quality of service to students and better manage State and University resources, Academic Computing now uses print management software. This system enables us to enhance and better manage the printing capabilities of the computers and printers.

    The new system will enable us to do the following:
    *It will help us improve the management of the computer labs and printers.
    *Eliminate waste due to excessive, repetitive, and unwanted printing.
    *It will decrease paper and toner costs for the University.
    *Help to keep our environment green, by reducing the amount of paper and toner that is used and wasted.
    *When you print, the number of pages and the cost are tracked using your GothicNet ID.
    *When you print, a notification appears on your screen telling you which printer our job was sent to.
    *You may print a maximum of 5 copies.
    *You may print a maximum of 25 pages per job. (This reduces unwanted or accidental printing.)(If there are remaining pages in your document, you may print the remaining pages as the next print job.)
    *Each semester, your account is credited with a complimentary number of pages, which is shown as a dollar amount. This semester, that number is 1,000 pages, or $50. (This number will change each semester.)
    *If you exceed the limit of pages, the job is cancelled, and a notification appears stating why the job was refused.
    *If your job does not print, do not print again. Ask for assistance.

    (NOTE: The Student Technology Fee does not cover the cost of paper and toner.)
    If you have any questions, please ask a staff members.

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