House Rules

  • NJCU ID is Required:  The computer labs at NJCU are for the exclusive use of registered students, faculty, and staff of the University.  Only people with current NJCU ID are allowed to use the computer labs.  People without appropriate ID will be asked to leave, or denied access to the labs.

    Disks:  You need to bring in your own floppy disk, or other media, so that you can save your work on it.  We do not have disks available for you.

    Printing:  Due to cost, the computers in most of the labs have been disconnected from printers.  Printing is only available at the help desks.  Save your work on a diskette, or other media, and bring to one of the printing stations.

    Eating and Drinking in the Labs: No eating or drinking in the computer labs.  Students found eating or drinking in the lab will be asked to leave.

    Cell Phones:  Cell phones are not to be used in the computer labs (including the hands-free type). You are distracting others who are trying to complete assignments.

    Music and Videos:  When listening to music or viewing a video please use headphones-NOT the computer speakers.  You need to be considerate of those around you trying to work.

    Minors Using the Computer Labs:  Minors are not allowed in the computer labs on campus unless they are registered in an official University program or are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

    Viewing Pornography:  Public computer labs are not the place for anyone to view pornography. People viewing pornography will be asked to stop, and if they persist, will be told to leave the computer lab.