• Glen Elvis Emmanuel
    (Acting) Director
    Voice: 201-200-2229 Fax:(201) 200-2294 
    Mr. Emmanuel provides overall leadership and is responsible for the department's operation and staffing. He is also responsible for the coordination of unmanaged campus-wide departmental computer labs, loaners and technology classrooms supported by Academic Computing. Mr. Emmanuel also schedules the computer labs for classes, individual classes or training sessions in Academic Computing as well as in CITI.

    Associate Director 
    An administrative search is in progress.


    Allen Smith
    Assistant Director Support Services
    Voice: 201-200-2351 Fax: (201) 200-2294  

    Mr. Smith is responsible for the department's Loaner Library of notebook computers, LCD projectors, cabling, and adapters for mobile devices loaned to faculty and staff. He schedules, troubleshoots and maintains loaner equipment and suggests new equipment purchases. Additionally, he creates content and maintains the departments' Web site, provides one-on-one training on a variety of software applications to faculty and staff, and coordinates computer lab needs for faculty teaching in the department labs. He also assists with first tier support for technology enhanced classrooms.  
    Tashfeen Majid
    Assistant Director for IT Support Services
    Voice: 201-200-3403, Fax: 201-200-2294

    Mr. Majid is responsible for the technology in various teaching spaces on campus, which comprise of 111 classrooms. He is responsible for assisting faculty, troubleshooting problems, and coordinating maintenance issues in technology-enhanced classrooms. He also has overall responsibility for managing the Academic Computing Labs equipment, software, and user interfaces. He is also responsible for the technical and maintenance issues in the computer labs.
    Assistant Dir. Multimedia Instruction, CITI
    Voice: 201-200, Fax: 201-200-
    An administrative search is in progress.

    Roberto Romero
    Multimedia Specialist, CITI 
    Voice: 201-200-2571, Fax: 201-200-2360 

    Mr. Romero has overall responsibility for the support and maintenance of all hardware, software, and peripherals used in the Center for Instructional and Technological Innovation (CITI). He also assists faculty in the use of instructional technology which includes audio, video, Web design and presentation software. Additionally, he is responsible for supporting the day-to-day operations of the CITI.
    Saeny Toribio
    Professional Services Specialist
    Voice: 201-200-2901 Fax: 201-200-2294   

    Ms.Toribio is responsible for the department's student staff. This includes hiring, scheduling, supervising, and coordinating the staffing in the computer labs. Additionally, she is responsible for maintaining the department's budget and inventory processes and files.
    Nisa Syeda
    Graduate Assisant 
    Voice: 201-200-3403, Fax 201-200-2294    

    Ms. Syeda is in the MBA Program and is responsible for supervising the computer labs as assigned. She also resolves computer and/or software problems beyond the expertise of our regular student staff's ability. Ms. Syeda works individually with faculty and students. She is quite knowledgeable in all of the applications included in the Microsoft Office suite.