• Training is available for Microsoft Office and the use of the Internet. See one of our staff members for assistance.
    • At Microsoft's Web site there is free Web based self paced training modules that have short audio introductions, which then go into step-by-step instructional graphics for MSOffice 2007 as well as some built in tests. To access these modules go to

      The only down side is that there are no training files that accompany the online training, but often they show graphics within the step-by-step instructions, which shows you what type of file to create to complete the training with real files for hands on practice. The strong point about the modules is it teaches the concepts needed to use the software. Also, each module has a menu at the top for Downloads, Clip Art, Templates as well as other resources. Give it a try when you find yourself trying to figure out how to create something in one of the MSOffice applications.
    • Don't know the meaning of a word or phrase? Find the definition in our glossary or go to