Grading System

Grading System

The standing of each student at the completion of each course is determined by the instructor and recorded at the end of each semester. The following grades and values are used: 

A (4.0) 

A- (3.7) 

B+ (3.3) 

B (3.0) 

B- (2.7) 

C+ (2.3) 

C (2.0) 

C- (1.7) 

D (1.0) 

P (Pass) 

F (0.0) 

W (Withdrawal) 

IN (Incomplete) 

R (Repeat—Academic Foundations Course only) 

The grades and credits (or semester hours) related to W (Withdrawal), P (Pass) and R (Repeat—Academic Foundations courses) do not affect the CGPA.