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  • Graduate Admissions

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  • Graduate Study Options

    NJCU invites graduates of fully-accredited colleges and universities to apply to our academically-outstanding graduate study programs. Recognizing the diverse personal professional interests of graduate students, NJCU graduate programs cover a targeted range of degree and non-degree options.

    Degree Students
    Certification Eligibility
    NJCU Certificates
    Courses Only (Non-Degree)
    Visiting Students 
    International Students 

    Graduate Degree Students

    To apply for matriculation into any of the approved degree programs, you must meet the general graduate admission requirements.

    Any student who does not meet all of the general admission requirements for graduate study may be admitted for completion of up to 12 graduate credits as a conditional student. Conditional students must submit official transcripts from your bachelor’s degree and prerequisite courses may be required. Enrolling as a conditional student does not guarantee admission to a graduate degree program.

    Graduate Certification Eligibility

    You may be admitted to take graduate courses to qualify for state certification only, particularly in areas of education. If you wish to change your status from certification only to degree seeking, you must meet all the necessary graduate admission requirements.

    • Any and all programs leading to eligibility for an initial teaching certificate require a minimum baccalaureate degree cumulative GPA of 2.75.
    • Any and all programs leading to eligibility for a teaching certificate require a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA throughout your graduate study at the University.
    • Falling below 2.75 will result in removal from the program with no recourse for readmission.

    Some combination degree and certification programs cannot be separated; in these cases, dismissal from the certificate portion results in dismissal from the degree portion as well. Those enrolled in a certification eligibility program will be limited to the number of credits required by the program.

    NJCU Certificates

    Several NJCU departments, particularly in the College of Professional Studies, offer non-degree certificates. Certificate program studies are normally limited to 12 credits unless you are pursuing a defined certificate or certification eligibility program. A student in an NJCU certificate program will be limited to the number of credits required by the program.

    Graduate Courses Only (Non-Degree)

    Upon approval by the Dean of Graduate Studies, you may study on a courses-only (non-degree) basis to register for additional courses beyond 12 credits. However, should you later seek and be granted admission into a degree or certification program, only 12 credits may be counted in your program.

    Requirements for Visiting Students

    Visiting graduate students must submit a NJCU Student Registration Form plus one of the following documents:

    1. A Permission letter from the University the student is attending stating the Course title(s), and authorized by a proper authority or
    2. A college transcript. The transcript must reflect Bachelor degree confirmation.

    The visiting student will then follow regular registration procedures. During the Fall and Spring semesters, documents are to be submitted to the University Admissions Office. During the Summer Sessions, documents are to be submitted to the Office of the Registrar by the respective deadline date.

    International Graduate Students

    Are you a graduate of an international college or university? NJCU welcomes your application. Please note that most degree programs require either a thesis or a passing grade on a comprehensive exam. These must be written with a command of the English language commensurate with graduate-level instruction. International applicants seeking a Form I-20 to apply for an F-1 Visa must satisfy all admission requirements by May 1 to be considered for fall semester admission and by November 1 to be considered for spring semester admission. 

    Please review our international student graduate admissions requirements in more detail.

    You may also find more information at our International Studies Office.