How Much is Too Much


  • How much is too much? 
    1. Have you cut afternoon classes so you can party? YES NO
    2. Have you missed morning classes because of a hangover? YES NO
    3. Have you done poorly on an exam because you drank too much the night before? YES NO 
    4. When drinking, have you ever done something for which you were later sorry or embarrassed? YES NO 
    5. Have you ever "blacked out" while drinking (not been able to remember things you said or did)? YES NO 
    6. Do you frequently drink until you are drunk? Do you drink to get drunk? YES  NO 
    7. Do you choose friends on the basis of how much they drink? YES  NO 
    8. Have you ever had problems with friends, family, roommates, boy/girlfriend, college authorities, or the law as the result of drinking? YES  NO
    9. Is drinking affecting your reputation? YES  NO 
    10. Does it bother you when other people say you drink too much? YES  NO 

    If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, stop and think for a moment. You may be doing yourself some harm. Maybe it's time to talk to someone, get some information. 

    A good rule of thumb to keep in mind:

    "What CAUSES a problem IS a problem."