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Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver

  • In accordance with Section I of P.L. 1979, c.31 (as amended in September 1982) persons of the age of 65 or more years are authorized to enroll in credit or noncredit courses at public institutions of higher education in New Jersey, without payment of any tuition charges. The institution will require payment of fees.

    Credit Course Enrollment

    Senior Citizen Waiver students are allowed to register:
    Fall and Spring Semesters - third day of classes
    Winter and Summer Semesters - second day of classes

    A senior citizen who wishes to enroll for college credit qualifies for a waiver of tuition only, but must pay fees. He or she must follow all the same processing steps as any other student (admission, registration, etc.) except that at the time of billing, the person brings the bill and the waiver form to the Bursar’s Office, pays the fees only and is enrolled officially. This person is a student in the same status as any other student and is subject to all regular policies.

    Based on the University policy formulated by the Board of Trustees, the senior citizen is required to file an “application for senior citizen tuition waiver”. The special application form is available at the Registrar’s Office where proof of age must be presented.

    Students taking less than 6 credit hours must see the Admissions Office first, than the Registrar’s Office for the waiver application.
    Since students taking 6 credits or more may be eligible for Financial Aid, they must see Financial Aid after going through the admissions process and before receiving the waiver application from the Registrar’s Office
    Informal Course Audit.

    The University policy notes that senior citizens may “enroll” for non-credit courses, on a seat available basis without any payment of tuition or fees. Since the grading policy was changed a few years ago we no longer have an “audit” grade. Likewise, if we enter anyone into the data system, credit will automatically be generated, etc.

    The non-credit enrollment for senior citizens has been carried out on an informal basis, by a representative in the Registrar’s Office meeting the person (to insure that the person is a senior citizen) and issuing the person a “letter of introduction”. The letter indicates the person’s status (informal record without grading, record, etc.), requesting the faculty member to sit in if a seat is available. When the person comes in for the letter it gives the Registrar’s staff the ability to explain the course list, building locations, etc. (and often serves as a good public relations opportunity.

    This constitutes NJCU’s policy and procedures regarding Senior Citizens Tuition Waivers. 

    For further information regarding the Senior Citizen Waiver please click here