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NJ Tuition Benefit for Unemployed Persons

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    Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A: 64-13.1 et seq. or 18A: 64A-23.1, the State of New Jersey created a program to allow certain unemployed individuals to attend a public institution of higher education in the state of New Jersey tuition-free on a space available basis. Additionally, individuals who qualify for this program may have certain fees waived or reduced.

    How to Apply

    To apply for this benefit, individuals must obtain certification from the Department of Labor, Division of Workforce New Jersey that they qualify for this benefit. Additionally, individuals must submit verification of the following from the One Stop Career Center:

    1. The individual's past presence in the labor market for at least two years;
    2. The individual's unemployed status or his/her receipt of layoff notice;
    3. That the individual has received employment counseling at a One Stop Career Center; and
    4. That the One-Stop Career Center recommends enrollment in a particular job training course sought by the individual with the public institution of higher education under the tuition waiver program.  

    Registration Dates  

    Spring 16 Semester 

    Undergraduate students will be eligible to register for classes beginning on the THIRD DAY (January 21, 2016) of the term on a space available basis.  

    Graduate students will be eligible to register for classes beginning on the FOURTH DAY (January 22, 2016) of the term on a space available basis.  


    Steps for Registration and Payment Clearance

    1. Receive Unemployed Person Job Training Form (Tuition Waiver Program) from Department of Labor.
    2. If you are a new student, you must see the Admission's Office.
    3. If you are a degree student, you must get verification of your Financial Aid Application.
    4. Register for classes on specific date that applies to your career track.
    5. Bring Unemployed Person Job Training Form and Unemployment Tuition Waiver NJCU Contract with a signature from Financial aid to the Bursar's Office immediately after registration to clear your tuition bill and pay the mandatory fees. 

      1. Orientation Fee ($50)
      2. One-time Transcript Fee ($25)
      3. Unemployment Registration Fee ($20) not covered by the waiver.
      4. Graduation Clearance ($75)
      5. Teacher Certification (Fee Varies)
      6. Lab and Material Fees ($10 - $150) 
      7. Student Teaching Junior Practicum Fee ($65)
      8. Amount of Courses for Student Teaching Junior Practicum (based on amount of credits)
      9. Student Teaching Senior Field Internship Fee ($150)
      10. Amount of Courses for Student Teaching Senior Field Internship courses (based on amount of credits
    Students who register for classes PRIOR to that date will forfeit eligibility to participate in the NJ Tuition Benefit for Unemployed Persons at the University for that semester. If you are a matriculated student, you will be required to use financial aid to cover program cost. Non-matriculated students will be required to pay from personal resources.

    Students will not be eligible to utilize Unemployment Waivers towards high demand programs where paying individuals fill classes to maximum capacity and/or there are paying individuals waiting to enroll. These classes are considered by the University to have no space available in accordance with NJ State Policy. Final determination regarding eligibility based on demand for programs is made by the Dean’s Office for the program in question.

    Students taking non-credit course are not eligible to receive this waiver.

    Matriculated students are subject to meeting the eligibility requirements for Federal Student Aid. Students who do not meet the requirements will be ineligible to participate in the program. To ensure that the University receives your FAFSA before the beginning of the semester, you must file at least eight weeks prior to the applicable registration date. Please be sure to use NJCU’s school code (002613) on the FAFSA to ensure that it is received electronically.

    Unemployment Waivers and Student Loan Default - The University will not permit participation in the Unemployment Waiver program if a student owes a past due balance on their account or has defaulted on repayment of a student loan.

    Students who qualify for the NJ Tuition Benefit for Unemployed Persons Program will receive a waiver administered by the Bursar’s Office. This waiver will cover tuition and certain fees, MINUS any scholarships, federal or state grants that the student may be eligible to receive. The student does not qualify for the NJ Tuition Benefit for Unemployed Persons Program when he/she is eligible for scholarships, federal and state grants that exceed the cost for tuition and applicable fees.

    Individuals who gain employment during the semester that the tuition waiver is in effect shall be eligible to continue participation in the program for that semester. This eligibility does not apply to students who become employed prior to the certification of a waiver.


    Unemployment Waiver Contracts