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Wire Transfers

  • New Jersey City University will accept a wire transfer as a form of payment for all charges that appear on your account. Please remember, banks usually charge a fee to wire money, so be sure to include the fee in the amount of your wire.

    It's important for you to include your name and GothicNet Id # in the wire transfer to expedite the submission of payment to your account. No name or GothicNet Id # student id on the wire transfer will cause a delay in the posting of payment to the proper account.

    Please Note: Payments sent by wire/bank transfer may take up to one week to be credited to your account please submit your payment in time to ensure that it reaches the NJCU Bursars Office in advance of the payment deadline. Please note that the University is not responsible for payments that do not reach us by the payment deadline.

    Wire Transfer Form for Student Payments pdf small