• NJCU William J. Maxwell College of Arts and Sciences

Curriculum Committee

  • The College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee (CCC) is responsible for reviewing and approving:

    • New course proposals;
    • Name changes to existing courses;   
    • Number changes to existing courses; and
    • Other curricular issues relevant to the college.       
    The committee is comprised of seven members: one from the Senate Curriculum and Instruction Committee, one from the Senate Graduate Studies Committee, five members elected from the CAS faculty, and one non-voting member from the CAS Dean's Office (these are the guidelines for the committee).  

    Committee Members for the 2012-2013 Academic Year: 

    Irma Maini
    Patrice Nelson
    Laura Pannaman
    Alberto Pinkás
    Sabine Roehr
    Chris Cunningham (Senate C&I Representative; Chairperson)
    Tim White (Senate Grad Studies Representative)
    Fran Moran (Dean's Office representative, non voting)
    2010-2011 Proposals under review (updated on 22 March) 
    The committee is reviewing courses chronologically by date of submission.  Courses that were returned for revision (those in red font) jump to the top of the pile when they are resubmitted.  The line up is available below: 


     Spring 2013 Meeting Schedule (to be determined)   



    Tutorials and Help for Course Development and Revision 

    If you are in the process of assembling, the forms that need to be part of the course proposal package are located in the CCC Forms and Procedures link in submenu on the left.
    If you would like some information about creating a new course, download and review this Powerpoint file that explains the process.  (You can also download a  PDF version, but you'll miss the ultra-cool special effects of the powerpoint.) 
    On April 13, 2010, the committee members hosted a workshop on the course approval process. The powerpoint presentation from the meeting is available here; and a pdf file of the powerpoint is available here
    If you would like to change a course name or number, here's a powerpoint that explains the process.  Here's a pdf file of the same powerpoint, but without the bells and whistles. 
    Here's an example of a proposal that went through the review process fairly cleanly.
    Finally, here's a handy checklist to follow to help ensure a successful proposal.
    List of possible interdisciplinary minors to be developed that was distributed at May chairs retreat.
  • One or more of the links on this page open Adobe PDF documents. If you require Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is free), in order to view these documents you can download it directly from the Adobe website.