• NJCU William J. Maxwell College of Arts and Sciences


  • Mission Statement

    The William J. Maxwell College of Arts and Sciences at New Jersey City University is a community of teachers and learners committed to cultivating the life of the mind and engendering a passion for knowledge. Seeking to help students achieve their personal academic and career goals, the College of Arts and Sciences provides an intellectual setting for the development of scholarship, creativity, and the fundamental cross- and interdisciplinary skills that are the hallmark of a liberal education. In our general studies program students have the opportunity to develop the breadth and depth of their knowledge across the arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. Through our broad range of academic majors and minors, students pursue in-depth studies and professional learning opportunities in their disciplinary areas of interest. The faculty of the College, committed to nurturing the whole person and motivated by a love for lifelong learning and a desire to impart this to our students, are devoted to their own ongoing formation as teachers and scholars both within and across their disciplines. Central to the mission of the College of Arts and Sciences is our commitment to service, leadership, tolerance, ethics, citizenship, and mutual respect. Through our commitment to these core values, we make visible our recognition of the value of diversity in all its richness as the real-life classroom for today's world citizen.