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Various Forms and Policies

  • Curriculum-Related Forms and Policies   

    The various forms (e.g., permanent and temporary course approval) and policies (e.g., creating new courses, changing course numbers, changing course names) for curriculum related topics (including creating online courses) are available on a separate page here.   

    Guidelines for Syllabus Construction 

    The most recent edition of the NJCU Faculty Handbook (pages 96-97) includes guidelines for the information to be included on course syllabi. 


    Information for Honors Program Course Development

    The following links contain information for faculty interested in contributing to or participating in the  new honors program.  For more information or additional questions related to the program, contact Prof. Rosamond Hooper-Hamersley, Honors Program Coordinator.

    1.    Elements of Honors Program Curriculum 

        a.    Honors Program Pedagogical Touchstones 

        b.    Honors Program Student Learning Outcomes 

    2.    Teaching Honors: Igniting a Passion for Learning (Building a Community of Scholars) 

        a.  Honors Program Statement from program coordinator, Dr. Rosamond Hooper-Hamersley)

        b.    National Collegial Honors Council (NCHC) recommendations for Honors Course Design 

        c.    NCHC statement on the benefits of teaching honors courses 

        d.    Description of the previous NJCU Honors Program (2001-2009) taken from the 2007-2010 University Catalog, with notes added.

    3.    Courses Needed for Academic Year 2014-2015

        a.    Honors Program Course approval process

     Honors course proposals follow the same Senate guidelines and procedures as other course proposals, with one exception.  Following departmental review and approval, the courses are to the Honors Program Advisory Committee who will review the proposal before forwarding to the regular Senate approval process.

        b.    Courses Needed

    Honors Program Curricular Framework 

     Cohort 1, 2nd year:    a total of three 200 level courses divided between fall and spring

    Cohort 2, 1st year:     a total of three 100 level courses divided between fall and spring


    Independent Study Form

    Please follow the suggested guidelines for constructing independent study projects.  All independent study project require the completion of a formal application.

    Travel Authorizations and Reimbursement

     All forms for travel authorization (which you submit prior to taking your trip) and travel reimbursement (which you submit when you return from your trip) are now available on the Associate Vice President for Finance and Controller's website


    Teaching Assignment Confirmation Form (Professional Staff)  

    Members of the Professional Staff who will be teaching courses in the College of Arts and Sciences must download and complete a teaching assignment confirmation form and forward it to their supervisor to approve the teaching assignment.  


  • One or more of the links on this page open Adobe PDF documents. If you require Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is free), in order to view these documents you can download it directly from the Adobe website.