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    Students obtain hands-on training from our dedicated instructors using state-of-the-art instruments, in order to link concepts with practical experience in the laboratory. We also implement miniscale general chemistry I and II, and organic chemistry I and II, minimizing exposure of students to chemicals, while making them more environmentally responsible. All these activities are aimed at developing students' technical skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the competitive science career. Below are students' photos during laboratory sessions or doing independent research.

    Chem in Action1 
    Research students analyzing
    unknown compounds using LC-MS.
    Chem in Action2 
    Use of HPLC in instrumental analysis to separate, quantify and analyze components of a chemical mixture.  
    Chem in Action3
    Purification of target protein by gel electrophoresis.
    Chem in Action4 
    Miniscale General Chemistry II Lab experiments utilizing the Vernier Computer software.
    Chem in Action5 
    Students getting hands-on training
    from Dr. Yamaguchi on use of
    LC-MS for analyzing unknown organic compounds.
    Chem in Action6 
    Sample preparation is one of the
    challenging tasks faced by students
    to achieve accurate results.
    Chem in Action7 
    A student assistant learning from
    Dr. Wargniez the safe chemical preparation and storage, and laboratory materials and waste management.
    Chem in Action8 
    Students taking a practical laboratory examination.