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Faculty and Staff

  •  Kenneth Yamaguchi   
    Kenneth Yamaguchi, Ph.D. Analytical Chem. (U.C. Riverside)
    Chair and Professor 

    Expertise: Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Instrumental Analysis and Environmental Chemistry
    Tel.: (201)200-2097
    Room: S-425
    James Digiacomo
    James DiGiacomo, Ph.D., Phys. Chem. (NYU) 
    Assistant Professor
    Expertise: Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry
    Tel.: (201)200-2309
    Room: S-426
    Hanae Haouari, Ph.D. Phys. Chem. (CUNY) 
    Assistant Professor
    Expertise: Physical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry
    Tel: (201)200-3068
    Room: S-424
    Aylen Badilla Wargniez, Ph.D. Env. Eng'g. (Griffith Univ. Australia) 
    Laboratory Manager, Lecturer and Chemical Hygiene Officer
    Expertise: Laboratory Management, Chemical/Laboratory Safety, Chemical Hygiene Management, Hazardous and Solid Waste Management, Environmental Management, Landfill Site Selection

    Tel: (201)200-3067; 3047
    Room: S-423
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     R Aslanian 
    Robert Aslanian
    , Ph.D. Organic Chemistry (SUNY Stony Brook)
    Assistant Professor

    Expertise: Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Synthesis and Methodology
    Tel: (201)200-3069
    Room: S-426
    B Kim  
    Bumjung Kim (James), Ph.D. Material Chemistry (Columbia University)
    Assistant Professor
    Expertise: Material Chemistry, Molecular Electronics and Organic Semiconductors
    Tel: (201)200-3581
    Room: S-426
    Mrs. Sherlinne Bullock 
    Tel: (201)200-3066
    Room: S-427
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