The Journal of the Imagination in Language Learning
A publication for language teachers at all levels, K-12 through College
Clyde Coreil, Ph.D. Editor, Program in English as a Second Language

        The Journal is concerned with theoretical and practical relationships between the imagination and the acquisition of first and subsequent languages. This publication is of interest to teachers at all levels as well as to administrators of educational programs, linguists and those involved in any aspect of language use and planning. The Journal, which bears the U.S. Library of Congress Number ISSN 1071-6157, is abstracted and indexed by Sociological Abstracts and Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts.

        Among the main concerns of the Journal is the following proposition: Attempts to acquire a language are significantly enhanced by the presence of an activated imagination. Both theoretical and practical articles or proposals for articles that are related to this broad area are welcome.

       Those interested in publishing an article should get in touch with Dr. Clyde Coreil, Editor, or mail proposals for articles addressed to the editors at:

The Center for the Imagination in Language Learning
New Jersey City University
111 Hepburn Hall
2039 Kennedy Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ 07305-1597

Dr. Clyde Coreil can be reached at:

Tel: 201-200-3087
Voice Mail: 201-200-3237

The e-mail address for the Center is
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        The Journal is published once a year. Five thousand copies of the Journal are printed and distributed internationally to subscribers and to selected professionals and programs related to language research and training.

Archives and Distribution of Journal

        All of the articles from the Journal Volume 1 through Volume 7 are available free of charge on this website. Under three conditions, any of these articles may be reproduced for use in the classroom and for other scholarly purposes. The first condition has to do with attribution. At the head of the reproduced article, there must appear the title of the article and the name of the author, the name of the Journal, of New Jersey City University, and a notice stating that the article is under copyright to the Center for the Imagination in Language Learning. The second condition is that no charge of any kind be involved. The third has to do with promotion of products or services. Unless otherwise stated, the Center for the Imagination in Language Learning holds the copyright and does not give permission for any reproduction related directly or indirectly to the promotion or sales of any product or service. For statistical purposes, the Center does request that it be notified at or through regular mail of all reproductions. This is a matter of courtesy on the user's part and is not required.

     Microfiche copies of the Journal in its printed format are available from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service at or or by telephone at 1-800-276-9834.

        The editors wish to express appreciation to Mr. Ronald Bogusz, Director of the Office of Publications and Special Programs at New Jersey City University, who designed all issues of the Journal. Kalliroi Antoniou, a graduate in Art from NJCU, executed the logo of the smiling unisex figure and many of the motif drawings appearing in the print version of the Journal and the Internet web pages. The website design and layout was executed by NJCU Art student Samantha Hayes and web designer Thomas Gilbert.

        The distribution of 5,000 copies of the Journal includes both paid subscriptions and complimentary copies mailed to selected persons and programs in the USA and abroad. Among the more than 100 authors who have published in the Journal are Earl Stevick, Alan Maley, James J. Asher, Henry Widdowson, Diane Larsen-Freeman, Carolyn Graham, Mary Ann Christison, David Nunan, Kieran Egan, Mario Rinvolucri, and Gertrude Moskowitz. Other writers include quite a few who had not before appeared in print.