Volume III - 1995-1996



Multiple Intelligences and Second Language Acquisition
Mary Ann Christison

Spellbound in the Language Class: A Strategy of Surprise
Gertrude Moskowitz

The Imagination: Where Roles and Images Reside
Robert Landy

The Imagination and CD-ROM: Multimedia Language and Culture Instruction
Thomas J. Garza

Reel Talk: Movies, Values, and Language Acquisition
Kara Griffin

Thematic Photographs: From Past Lives to Creative Writing
Larry Carter

De-Mythicizing the Research Paper
Barbara Guenther

See It! Tell It! Write It!
Kathleen Mata

Making a Song and Dance: The Musical Voice of Language
Paul Newham

Grandma Moses Meets ESL: Art for Speaking and Writing Activities
Claudia J. Rucinski- Hatch

On Creating Theatrical Collages with ESL Students
Rhonda Naidich

The Creative Connection in Movies and TV: What '"Degrassi High" Teaches Teachers
Jim Ward and Suzanne Lepeintre

Cultural Artifacts
Joshua Dale

Graphics from the Front: Artistry in Language Teaching
Susan Gill

Writing in Music
Sharon Myers

Novels and Films: A Dynamic Double Feature
Leslie Criston

Getting Imaginative in the Language Laboratory
Darci L. Strother

Creating Theater in the ESL Classroom
Maria Guida