Volume VI - 2001


Board of Editorial Advisors


On the Educational Uses of Fantasy
     Geoffrey Madoc-Jones and Kieran Egan

The Dangers of Empathy with Students
     Mario Rinvolucri

The Magic of Folktales for Teaching English and Culture
     Planaria Price

The Inner Voice: A Critical Factor in L2 Learning
     Brian Tomlinson

Dance: An Inspiration for Language in the ESL Classroom
     Carolee Bongiorno

Reader's Theatre: An Introduction to Classroom Performance
     Gerald Lee Ratliff

Novels and Films in the Elementary School Foreign Language Class
     Jacqueline Garçon

Using Poetry to Build Classroom Communities
     C. Hood Frazier

Literary Pantomimes: Students' Dynamic Creations
     John Joseph Courtney

The Power of Dramatizing Case Studies in ESP
     Russell Dinapoli

English through Opera
     Ninah Beliavsky

The Dress-Up Biography in ESL Reading
     Denise Lagos and Susan Khodabakshi

The Emotions: A Vocabulary before Language
     James E. Lennon and Paul Barbato

Choice + Interest = Enthusiasm for Target Language
     Greg Briscoe

The Fun Hypothesis: Creative Language in the EFL Class
     Laura Renart

Neuro-Linguistic Programming: A Basis for Language Learning
     Marion H. Love

Mental Holography: The Power of Imagery in Communication
     Geri Silk and Marsha Sunshine Norwood