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Career Development Services


  • The following services are offered

    • Directing utilization of the Career Library to research careers, graduate schools, employers, employment opportunities, cooperative education internships.
    • Directing students to career publications listing jobs and providing career job-search information.
    • Providing individualized career counseling to discuss the choice of a major for careers of interest, planning a job search, researching career information, selecting a graduate program of study.
    • Administering vocational testing to evaluate interests.
    • Conducting workshops regarding selection of majors for careers of interest, applying to graduate school, writing resumes, learning interview skills.
    • Advising non-declared students regarding appropriate majors for career interests.

    Employment Services

    • Cooperative Education Internships for declared majors.
    • Accounting extended internships for accounting majors.
    • Part-Time job opportunities.
    • Campus recruitment program.
    • Graduate placement referral for senior students and alumni.
    • Credentials service for senior students and alumni to forward resumes and references upon request.
    • Internet jobs service through NJPIN, Job Track, and Profiler (Tech Positions).
    • Career Fairs