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Junior - Initial Information

  • What can I do with this major?
    A convenient webpage that helps you connect majors with careers. For each major that interests you, choose the PDF to find an outline of common career areas, typical employers, and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities.

    Junior year Career Development Program
    • Develop a resume for cooperative education program.
    • Complete a cooperative education or internship experience.
    • Meet with a career counselor to discuss process for applying to graduate school.
    • Use computerized career development program.
    • Attend employer workshops.
    • Apply for the employer mentoring program.
    • Develop a list of contacts for employment.
    • Attend job fairs.
    • Meet with career center staff to update your resume, to review career plan and to assess skills.
    • Assess your skills related to career interests and technology and write three related goals and activities.
    • Use the career center resources to research companies that interest you and review hiring areas, practices, and requirements.
    • Research graduate school, certification programs, and training programs for continued learning.
    Junior Year Workshops and Programs
    • Resume writing and interviewing workshops
    • Campus recruitment program
    • Using the web for career research and job opportunities
    • Reception for cooperative education students
    • Mock interviews
    • Applying to graduate school
    • Resume writing and interviewing
    • Cooperative education mentor program
    • International study and work
    • Presenting career portfolios for the marketplace
    • Industry workshops by employers 

    All programs and services are held in the career center unless otherwise indicated.