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The African and African American Studies Program

Yoruba SculptureIs an interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary study of the cultures and peoples of Africa and African descent in the Americas.


Yoruba SculptureThe academic program offers a minor which explore the historical, social, political, and economic experiences of Africans and African Americans.


Yoruba SculptureThe objective of the program is to develop committed and well trained teachers, scholars, and professionals.


Yoruba SculptureThe program is recommended for all Liberal Arts majors (Political Science, Sociology, History, English, Economics, et al), and the Professions of Education, Criminal Justice, Law, Business, and Health Sciences.


Yoruba SculptureAll students interested in enhancing their ability to work effectively in urban areas will find this minor program a valuable and enriching experience.


Yoruba SculptureAll students interested in developing a global understanding of today's world will find the courses valuable in developing an important body of knowledge.

Yoruba Statue, Nigeria

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