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Archived Exhibitions:

The Harold B. Lemmerman Gallery

Exposure to Entropy
Subjective Photography of Material Decomposition

In the Harold B. Lemmerman Gallery

April 20 – May 1, 2009

Opening Reception:
Monday, April 20, 4pm – 7pm

Closing Reception:
Friday, May 1, 5pm to 9pm

K. Shelton:

Exposure to Entropy is an MFA exhibition of subjective photography, about the aesthetics of the eventual breakdown of matter.

K. Shelton Entropy

Image caption: Entropy no.6345, 1/60, f8.0, ISO 80, 5:00:06 PM EST, 01/23/2009

Ethno Egyptian aspects in contemporary jewelry - and - Intrapersonal Relations.

In the Harold B. Lemmerman Gallery

May 4 – May 15, 2009

Opening Reception:
Monday, May 4, 5pm – 8pm

Samira El Husseiny:

Ethno Egyptian aspects in contemporary jewelry: Inspired by Egyptian cultural treasures and contemporary trends, boundaries of conventional design will be pushed to make trends, and not follow them.


In my self portrait, I was influenced by both the Egyptian and American cultures. In fact, my final design incorporated an ancient Egyptian face with the face of the Statue of Liberty to form one composite face. My self portrait described my feeling of belonging to both my first and second homes. Using experiences from both cultures, I combine them into works of art.

Melanie Vasa:

Intrapersonal Relations: The awareness of expectations and limitations of one's gender are reflected in contrasts and contradictions - hard vs. soft, man's work vs. woman's work, breathable surface vs. impenetrable armor. The natural forms represented reflect evolving education as a result of varied experiences and the following self-examination.

Melanie Vasa

Sculptures; painted, forged metal, fabric, thread, hand-felted wool,
found objects; dimensions variable. 2008-2009.

The Visual Arts Gallery
Located: 100 Culver Ave.

BFA Senior Exhibitions

Opening reception - every Monday from 4:30pm - 7:00pm
(except for the closing reception on March 20 for the first week)

March 16 - 20Gino T. Navarro and Paulina A. Raso
March 23 - 27Patricia Benitez and Evita I. Mendez-Fritze
Mrach 30 - April 3Allana M. Clarke and Nathaniel E. Sharkey
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April 20 - 24 Rossana Villaflor, Lizette Louis and Luba Farbey
April 27 - May 1Willa Goldthwaite and Enver Vucetaj
May 4 - 8 Maryoris Martinez and Erica Rivera
May 11 - 15Wansze Lee and Claudia Ross

Outdoor Sculpture Garden
Located: 100 Culver Ave.   (Near the NJCU Athletic & Fitness Center)

14 Sculptors   (Rockaway Artists Alliance Members)

Currently on display.

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