Early Childhood & Elementary Education

Early Childhood & Elementary Education

Undergraduate Major in Early Childhood and Elementary Education

This major prepares educators to work with children from for preschool through grade six. Students who complete this program will be eligible for the New Jersey Preschool through Grade Three and the Elementary Teacher Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing. Candidates for this certification must also complete a liberal arts major within the William J. Maxwell College of Arts and Sciences:

Art , Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English, Earth and Environmental Sciences, History, Mathematics, Media Arts, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish or Women's and Gender Studies

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All education majors must take the following General Education courses or their equivalent:

MATH 215: Problem Solving in Math (3cr)

WGST 110: Diversity and Difference (3cr)

BIO 225: Human Sexual Bio for GEP (3cr)

ECE 212: Human Development: Prenatal to Adolescence (3cr)
or PSYC 150: Development, Birth to Adolescence (3cr)

Program Requirements (44 credits):

Phase I. Students may take up to 6 credits in Phase I prior to passing the Praxis CORE.

ECE 200: Intro to Early Childhood (3cr)

ECE 210: Young Children’s Development, Behavior and Learning (3cr)

ECE 225: Professional Dispositions in ECE (1cr)

LTED 270: Emerging Literacy at Home and At School (3cr)

SPEC 250: Intro. Ed & Psych. of Excep. Child. & Youth (3cr)






Phase II. Prerequisites: satisfactory completion of Phase I, passing score on the Praxis CORE (unless exempt)

ECE 300: Early Primary Curriculum (3cr)

ECE 305: Early Childhood Math Science Technology Workshop (2cr)

ECE 331: Early Childhood Practicum (1cr)

ECE 350: Early Childhood Integrated Curriculum (3cr)

EDU 361: Elementary Social Studies Workshop (2cr)

EDU 362:  Elementary Science Workshop (2cr)

EDU 363:  Elementary Math Workshop (2cr)

ECE 460:  Working with Families of Young Children (3cr)

LTED 360: Elementary Reading & Lang and Lit Workshop (2cr)



















Phase III. Students must pass the Early Childhood Content Knowledge Praxis II (5025) and the Elementary Education Praxis (5001) prior to Phase III.

ECE 1480: Early Childhood Internship (6cr)

ECE 475: Reflecting on Knowledge and Practice (2cr)

ECE 400: Classroom Management/Positive Behavior Supports (3cr)















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