MAT in Early Childhood & Special Education

MAT in Early Childhood & Special Education

Master of Arts in Teaching Early Childhood and Special Education

The Master of Arts in Teaching in Early Childhood and Special Education leads to dual certification in Preschool through Grade Three and Teacher of Students with Disabilities. Candidates learn what is needed to provide high-quality early childhood programs and prepares candidates to teach in inclusive settings for young children with exceptional needs.

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All master’s degree candidates must have a bachelor’s degree with a liberal arts major or 60 liberal arts credits, including the following courses or their equivalents:

MATH 215: Problem Solving in Math (3cr)

WGST 110: Diversity and Difference (3cr)

BIO 225: Human Sexual Bio for GEP (3cr)

ECE 212: Human Development: Prenatal to Adolescence (3cr)
or PSYC 150: Development, Birth to Adolescence (3cr)

Program Requirements (36 credits):

Phase I. Students may take up to 6 credits in Phase I prior to passing the Praxis CORE.

ECE 610: Child Study (3cr)

ECE 624: Intro to Urban Early Childhood/Special Ed. (3cr)

ECE 631: Early Childhood Curriculum and Programs (3cr)

ECE 634: Family, Child, and School Interaction (3cr)

ECE 638: Theory into Practice: Language Arts PreK-K (3cr)











Phase II. Prerequisites: satisfactory completion of Phase I, passing score on the Praxis CORE (unless exempt)

ECE 606: Early Child/Special Ed Filed Experience II (1cr)

ECE 639: Theory into Practice: Making Meaning Grades 1-3 (3cr)

SPEC 620: Early Child. Special Ed Cur. Program Development I  (3cr)

SPEC 656: Curric Devep. in Primary Grds. Mod & Mat. (3cr)

SPEC 669: Developing Comm. Skills in the Atypical child (3cr)












Phase III. Students must pass the Early Childhood Content Knowledge Praxis II (5025) prior to Phase III.

ECE 605: Field Internship for EC/Sp. Ed. (4cr)

ECE 608: Student Teaching Seminar (1cr)

ECE 655: Classroom Mgt. Positive Behavior Supports (3cr)










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