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Undergraduate Programs

  • The programs in early childhood education are designed to deepen the understanding and perfect the skills of teacher candidates planning to work with children from birth through eight years of age in a variety of child development and school settings. Emphasis is on current theory and research in child development and application to early childhood education practice.

    NJCU offers the following majors:

    As of September 2015, ALL students who have not already successfully completed phase I coursework must fulfill new program entry requirements in order to take any upper level education courses. Program entry requirements include:

    1. GPA of 3.0 (The Dean’s Office may grant permission for a student to enter the program with a GPA below 3.0 but all students must achieve a 3.0 to qualify for certification.)
    2. Passing score on Praxis Core (or SAT, ACT, GRE waiver)
    3. Passing score on the TOW&R assessment 
    4. Successful completion of all phase I coursework with a grade of B- or above*

    *Students will complete phase I courses in the College of Education to meet the new program entry requirements.

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