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    Career Opportunities Provided by the Doctorate in Educational Technology Leadership

    With this Doctoral Degree there are many career opportunities available in the academic, higher education, corporate, health science, and consulting fields--to name just a few. 

    New career opportunities are opening in the K-12 arena  

    including such positions as Chief Technology Officer, Director of Technology, Director of Curriculum and Technology, and Technology Coordinator.  Other K-12 career opportunities for educational technology leadership include Program Administrator, Evaluation Specialist, Director of a Virtual High School, and Educational Consultant.

    For those interested in higher education

    with a Doctoral Degree you are well situated to teach in a two-year or a four-year college.  You can combine the expertise that you achieved in your Bachelor's Degree and your Master's Degree with your Doctorate in Educational Technology Leadership to make yourself an invaluable asset.  With more and more departments offering online courses, you are ahead of the game.

    In the corporate arena

    Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer, Project Manager, Training Director, Professional Training Coordinator, Corporate Training and Development Specialist, and Learning and Development Specialist are just a few of the positions for which you could apply.

    In the health sciences

    training plays such an important role, from state-of-the-art staff professional development to training that meets the specific needs of your clients.  By combining your Master's Degree in a Health Science specialization with a Doctorate in Educational Technology Leadership, you could apply for positions as diverse as Manager of Community Health Education, Community Health Director, or Director of Training for a large hospital system.

    Starting a consulting company

    and working with software developers, writing training materials, and designing professional development series are just a few of the exciting areas in which your Doctorate in Educational Technology Leadership would prove invaluable. 

    For more information or to discuss getting started, contact edd@njcu.edu or call 201-200-3078.