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M.A. Ed Technology with School Library Specialization


    Required Courses:  

    • EDTC 651 Organization of Library Media Materials
    • EDTC 653 Selection and Acquisition of Print/Non-Print Media            
    • LTED 618 Pedagogy and Application of Children’s Lit in the K-12 Classroom
    • EDTC 625 Using Integrated Software across the Curriculum
    • EDTC 642 Introduction to Authoring Tools       
    • EDTC 621 Using the Internet in Education       
    • EDTC 627 Seminar (NPTNJ waived) 
    • EDTC 655 Internship: School Media Centers (Permission#)     
    • EDTC 618 Learning Theories, Motivation, and Relationship to Tech (NPTNJ waived) 
    • EDTC 631 Administration and Supervision of Technology in Educational Settings     
    • EDTC 661 Administration and Supervision of Library Media Centers (Permission#) 
    • EDTC 662 Advanced Field Experience (Permission#) 
    • EDLD 660 Principles of Supervision and Human Resource Mgmt.
    • EDLD 662 Principles of Curriculum Development and Evaluation 

    Candidates in this program are required to complete an internship of 150 hours and a field experience of 75 hours in a NJ school library setting during regular school hours. Candidates may work in the school as a teacher with the permission of their school principal. For further information, please contact an advisor. 

    SLMS candidates who desire to become a supervisor must hold a standard instructional and/or educational services certificate and have three years of teaching and/or educational services experience under their certificate according to the rules of the state of NJ.  Further information about the Supervisor certification: http://www.njcu.edu/edld/programs/supcert/ 

    Candidates who do not hold a NJ teaching certification, must take the following three courses (9 credits) to be eligible for the Advanced Standing portion of the Certificate of Eligibility in the State of N.J.: 

    • EDTC 647 Educational Theory and Curriculum Design for the SLMS
    • EDTC 648 Student Learning Devel and Behavior Management for the SLMS
    • EDTC 649 Teaching Methodologies for the SLMS