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For New Pathway Students

  • Many graduates of the New Pathways to Teaching Program have successfully completed their Master’s Degree in Educational Technology:

    Please review the table below regarding transfer credits or contact the department for more information.

    Transfer credits from NPTNJ to Educational Technology: 

    New Pathways Course 

    Educational Technology Course 

    EDU 628 Learning and Motivation

    EDTC 618 Learning Theories, Motivation, and Relationship to Technology 

    LTED 605 LangArts/Lit in Elementary Curriculum or 

    LTED 607 LangArts/Lit in Secondary School or 

    LTED 637 The Nature of Reading 

    EDTC 624 Technology in the English/
    Language Arts Curriculum

    EDU 645 Curriculum and Methods

    EDTC 627 Seminar:  Integrating the National Educational Technology Standards into the New Jersey Core Curriculum Contents Standards 

    EDU 693 Educational Assessment

    EDTC 620 Special Topics in Educational Technology