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For New Pathway Students

  • Many graduates of the New Pathways to Teaching Program have successfully completed their Master’s Degree in Educational Technology. Please review the table below regarding transfer credits or contact the Educational Technology Department at (201) 200-3078 for more information.

    Transfer credits from NPTNJ to Educational Technology: 

    New Pathways Course 

    Educational Technology Course 

    EDU 628 Learning and Motivation

    EDTC 618 Learning Theories, Motivation, and Relationship to Technology 

    LTED 605 LangArts/Lit in Elementary Curriculum or 

    LTED 607 LangArts/Lit in Secondary School or 

    LTED 637 The Nature of Reading 

    EDTC 624 Technology in the English/
    Language Arts Curriculum

    EDU 645 Curriculum and Methods

    EDTC 627 Seminar:  Integrating the National Educational Technology Standards into the New Jersey Core Curriculum Contents Standards 

    EDU 693 Educational Assessment

    EDTC 620 Special Topics in Educational Technology