Elementary Education Major

Elementary Education Major

Undergraduate Major in Elementary Education

Completion of this major prepares one to be a teacher in elementary schools, grades kindergarten through sixth grade. Students in this major prepare to teach all core subjects.

Candidates for this certification must also complete a liberal arts major within the William J. Maxwell College of Arts and Sciences:

Art , Biology, Chemistry, English, Earth and Environmental Sciences, History, Mathematics, Media Arts, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish or Women's and Gender Studies

Click HERE for a program sheet. View our course catalog for detailed course descriptions.

All education majors must take the following General Education courses or their equivalent:

MATH 215: Problem Solving in Math (3cr)

WGST 110: Diversity and Difference (3cr)

BIO 225: Human Sexual Bio for GEP (3cr)

PSYC 150: Development, Birth to Adolescence (3cr)

Education Program Requirements (36 credits):

Phase I. Phase I must be completed prior to admission to the Elementary Education program. Students may take Phase I prior to passing the Praxis CORE.

EDU 280: Challenges in Urban Education (3cr)   

LTED 230: Focus: Reading, Language &  Literacy (3cr)  







Phase II. Prerequisites: satisfactory completion of Phase I, passing score on the Praxis CORE (unless exempt).

EDU 330: Focus: Development, Behavior & Learning (3cr)

EDU 331: Elementary Education Practicum (1cr)

EDU 490: Rethinking Education (3cr)









Phase III. Courses should be taken concurrently.

EDU 361: Elementary Social Studies Methods (2cr)

EDU 362: Elementary Science Methods (2cr)

EDU 363: Elementary Math Methods (2cr)

EDU 485: Classroom Management & Assessment (2cr)

LTED 360: Elementary Reading Lang. & Lit Workshop (2cr)

Phase IV. Courses must be taken concurrently.

EDU 470: Internship Seminar (2cr)

EDU 480: Elementary Ed Internship (8cr)

EDU 495: Rethinking Teaching (3cr)




















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