Secondary Education

Secondary Education

Undergraduate Secondary Education

Completion of this program prepares one to be a teacher in a specific content area. Certification is technically for grades K-12; however, most job opportunities will be from grades 7 through 12.

Candidates for this certification will complete education coursework and a liberal arts major in the William J. Maxwell College of Arts and Sciences. View our course catalog for detailed course descriptions.

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All education students must take the following General Education courses or their equivalent:

MATH 140: Statistics I (for English, social studies, or Spanish certification)
MATH 175: Enhanced PreCalculus (for biology, chemistry, earth science, or math certification)

WGST 110: Diversity and Difference

BIO 225: Human Sexual Bio for GEP

PSYC 152: Develop. Adolescence to Adult

Secondary Education Requirements (30 credits):

Phase I. Phase I must be completed prior to admission to the Secondary Education program. Students may take Phase I prior to passing the Praxis CORE.

EDU 280: Challenges in Urban Education (3cr)   

LTED 230: Focus: Reading, Language &  Literacy (3cr)  







Phase II. Prerequisites: satisfactory completion of Phase I, passing score on the Praxis CORE (unless exempt).

EDU 330: Focus: Development, Behavior & Learning (3cr)

EDU 331: Secondary Education Practicum (1cr)


Phase III. Courses should be taken concurrently; these are offered fall semester only.

LTED 370: Secondary Reading Lang. & Lit Methods (2cr)

EDU 371: Secondary Curriculum, Methods & Materials (3cr) or designated sections of SPEC 508

Check with your advisor regarding which methods course you need:

EDU 1372: Secondary Methods of English
EDU 2372: Secondary Methods of Math
EDU 3372: Secondary Methods of Teaching Science
EDU 4372: Secondary Methods of Social Studies
LANG 510: Teaching World Language in P-12











Phase IV. Courses must be taken concurrently. Students must pass the appropriate Content Knowledge Praxis exam(s) before beginning Phase IV. Check with your advisor regarding which exam(s) you should take.

EDU 470: Internship Seminar (2cr)

EDU 480: Secondary Ed Internship (8cr)

EDU 485: Classroom Mgt. & Assessment: Secondary (2cr)
















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