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Faculty Bios - Dr. Roselyn Obi

  • robi 

    Dr. Roselyn Obi

    Email: robi@njcu.edu 
    Phone: (201) 200-2433 
    Office: Professional Studies Building, 329C
    Specializations: Educational Psychology, Learning & Motivation, Educational Assessment, Research Methods



    Ph.D. Educational Psychology, West Virginia University
    M.A. Educational Psychology, West Virginia University


    Dr. Obi received her certification in Education from Bolton University, England. She received her masters and doctorate degrees in Educational Psychology from West Virginia University. Professor Obi has presented her research at conferences globally, and published numerous articles in national and international journals, and books. She has consulted for several organizations in her chief research areas of adult learning, mentoring, professional development, and teacher identity and development. Her latest research on socialization and mentoring which she presented at the International Conference on Social Values at Oxford University, England, was subsequently published in The Fate of Empires- Education in a Consilient World. She also recently presented a paper on professional identity formation at the University of Glasgow, Scotland.

    Selected Publications

    The Fate of Empires- Education in a Consilient World (contr.)