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Editor's Note

  • Editors' Notes  

    Second Stories magazine gives young college students whose first language is not English great encouragement and positive reinforcement to explore their new language through writing. Students from different levels of ESL classes submitted their work, which they created either in fulfillment of a class assignment or wrote just for fun. The pieces include poetry, essays, and short stories. At the same time, Second Stories provides young college art students with the opportunity to see their formal illustrations go into print; these illustrations become a valuable part of portfolios shown to prospective employers.
    The collaboration between the ESL Program and the Art Department on this publication has reached its ninth year. This nearly decade-long association has truly been an enjoyable and fruitful one, touching the lives of thoursands of students. We hope that you, the reader, will enjoy our first on-line version of Second Stories.

    Clyde Coreil, ESL Program
    Ellen Quinn, Art Department



    Copyright ©1998 by New Jersey City University

    Second Stories is published by the Program in English as a Second Language in collaboration with the Art Department and with the generous support of the School of Arts and Sciences at New Jersey City University.

    This on-line version of the publication was designed and created by Jennifer Holland, a junior in the Art Department.