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Our Program

  • Overview of Our Program  

    The English as a Second Language (ESL) Program at New Jersey City University has been teaching students whose native language is not English the language skills they need to graduate from the university for over 40 years. The population we serve reflects the diversity of the surrounding community, which is one of the most diverse in the country. Languages spoken by our students include Spanish, Arabic, Gujarati, Chinese, French Creole, Tagalog, and African dialects. An average of 300 students enroll in our courses every semester.  

    Fulfillment of University Requirements

    Completion of ESL 101 (EC 1 – ESL) and ESL 102 (EC 2- ESL) or ESL 115 (EC 1 for Bilingual Students) and ESL 116 (EC 2 for Bilingual Students) satisfies the University’s English requirements for graduation.

    Class Meetings

    Most ESL courses are six credits and meet six hours per week during a 15-week semester.   The Program offers day, evening, and Saturday courses at the following times:

    Day: 12:45—3:20 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays

    Evening: 4:25—6:45 p.m.; 7:00—9:45 p.m. (two nights a week)

    Saturday: 8:30 a.m.—2:00 p.m.  

    ESL Course Offerings: 

    • ESL 097 Elementary ESL  (6 non-degree credits)
    • ESL 098 Intermediate Expository Writing I ESL ( 6 non-degree credits)
    • ESL 100 Intermediate Expository Writing II ESL ( 6 cr.)
    • ESL 101 English Composition I ESL ( 6 cr.)
    • ESL 115 English Composition I Bilingual ( 6 cr.)
    • ESL 104 Advanced Expository Writing ESL ( 3 cr.)
    • ESL 102 English Composition II ESL ( 6 cr.)
    • ESL 116 English Composition II Bilingual ( 6 cr.)
    • ESL 105 Accent Reduction I ESL ( 3 cr.)
    • ESL 106 Accent Reduction II ESL ( 3 cr.) 

    Support Services

    The ESL Computer Lab in Karnoutsos 224 consists of 25 PC’s, a projector, laser printer, and internet access.   The ESL Tutoring Program is available for all ESL students who need individualized assistance, and is free of charge.

    Testing and Placement Procedures 

    Students admitted to New Jersey City University whose first language is not English must contact the ESL Testing Administrator, Dr. Marian Leonor, for testing and placement into the program.   This applies to freshmen as well as to students who transfer to New Jersey City University without ESL 101/102 or 115/116 credits from another accredited institution.

    Students are administered a three-part placement test, consisting of a standardized grammar test, a written composition, and an oral interview.   Based on these results, students are placed into an appropriate ESL course.

    For questions related to testing times and location, or information regarding the ESL Program, please contact Dr. Marian Leonor at 201-200-2174 or email her at mleonor@njcu.edu.

    Non-credit Students

    Our courses are also available on a non-credit basis.   Any student interested in taking ESL courses for non-credit should contact Dr. Leonor for registration and placement procedures.   The cost of a non-credit course is less than that of a credit-bearing course.

    International Students

    NJCU welcomes international students who are studying on special visas.   However, the ESL Program is not an intensive language program (consisting of 18-20 hours of instruction per week).   All matters related to the admission of international students and the granting of visas are the responsibility of the International Student Advisor and the Office of Admissions.

    Faculty in English as a Second Language Program

    All faculty and staff members hold advanced degrees in TESOL, linguistics, or education:

    Dr. Clyde Coreil ccoreil@njcu.edu 

    Dr. Steve Haber shaber@njcu.edu 

    Professor James Holley III jholley@njcu.edu 

    Dr. Marian Leonor mleonor@njcu.edu 

    Dr. Anne Mabry (current Program Chair) amabry@njcu.edu 

    Professor Adela Martinez amartinez@njcu.edu 

    Professor Claire Monroe cmonroe1@njc.edu 

    Note: Please contact the Department of Multicultural Education for information regarding ESL teacher certification at (201) 200-3380.