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Steve Haber

  • Dr. Steve Haber  Dr. Steve Haber
      Associate Professor

      Karnoutsos 205
      ESL Program

    Dr. Haber has been teaching ESL and teacher-training courses since 1980 and has been at NJCU since 1989. He holds a master's degree in Creative Writing, and another master's and doctorate in TESOL from Teachers College, Columbia University. In 1987, Professor Haber was invited to train English teachers in China. One of those English teachers later became his wife. He now lives in New Jersey with his two children, ages four and seven.

    In 1990, Dr. Haber co-authored a textbook, In Our Own Words: A Guide with Readings for Student Writers, which won the 1992 TESOL award for excellence. At NJCU, he has taught: Basic, OWL, FC1, OWL 2, FC2 and Career Dimensions ESL. Outside of the ESL program, Professor Haber has taught Human and Intercultural Relations, Applied Linguistics, and Seminars in Supervised Teaching. He is also the editor-in-chief of NJCU's The Academic Forum.