NJCU Conflicts of Interest/Ethics Program

  • Review / Complete the documents or forms listed below. 

    This document provides information and instructions regarding employee responsibilities related to ethics and the avoidance of conflicts of interest.
    Full-time and part time University faculty must complete and file this online form with the University Ethics Liaison Officer no later than January 31 to disclose scholarly capacity compensation and benefits received during the preceding calendar year. A print version of this form is also available by clicking “NJCU Conflicts of Interest/Ethics Program” above. The print version of the form is available by following the instructions on page 3 of the Program document.
    All Employees: (must log into GothicNet * to access the following documents)
    • State Uniform Code of Ethics
    • New Jersey City University Supplemental Code of Ethics
    • State Plain Language Guide
    • Certification, Acknowledgement and Receipt Form

    * NOTE: After logging into your GothicNet account, look at the third column on the right-hand side of the page. The fourth caption in that column is entitled “Conflicts of Interest Program.” Under that caption, please click the link (that says “download”) to access the Codes and Guide page which includes directions and links related to the four additional documents.