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      Vodra Hall (Residence Hall) - Heating and Air Conditioning Temperature Sensor Instructions 

    New Heating and Cooling Controls (see below)

    As part of the Phase I and II Capital Renewal Projects, many buildings on campus, including classrooms, have been upgraded with these new controls (i.e., Hepburn Hall, Education and Professional Studies Building, Science Building, Fries Hall).


    Temperature Control Image 


    The new controls provide you with some ability to adjust temperatures. You can move the control up to make it warmer or down to make it cooler. This will adjust the temperature about 3 degrees in either direction. It’s best to check this setting before calling in a Comfort Call to FCM Services; often the local adjustment will provide the change necessary to meet the comfort level desired. We also recommend checking the sensors periodically and especially during seasonal temperature changes.

    Thank you for taking the time to check you controls to see if you have them on the settings that are comfortable for you and energy efficient for the spaces in your offices (hallways, conference rooms, break rooms, copy and storage rooms).

    Please help us get the word out on this new energy efficient option. If you have any questions please feel free to call FCM Services 3191. Thank you.