Faculty and Staff


  • Fire Science


    Name   Title  Phone  Location   
     Anthony Avillo, MS

    Chairperson, Fire Science 3592 P 442  
    Anna Scanniello, MPA Administrative Assistant 3370 P 441  
    Benita Francis Secretary 3382 P 451  


    The Fire Science Department relies broadly on adjuncts professors who are current or former professionals in the field of fire science. To contact an adjunct professor please contact the Fire Science Department at 201-200-3370.

    Adjunct Professor   Title 
    Patrick Boyle Former Director / Deputy Chief (Ret.), Bayonne, NJ Fire Department
    Richard Burroughs Lieutenant, Bayonne, NJ Fire Department (Ret.)
    Fire Academy Instructor
    Edward Campbell Captain,Jersey City, NJ Fire Department (Ret.)
    Bureau of Fire Prevention, Fire Cadet Program 
    Michael Hurley Director of Operations, WTC, Tribute Center, World Trade Center Operations Manager (Ret.)
    Kevin Nelson Captain, Bloomfield, NJ Fire Department
    Thomas Von Essen Commissioner, City of New York Fire Department (Ret.)
    Keith Weaver Deputy Chief, Bayonne, NJ Fire Department
    Jordan Zaretsky Battalion Chief, Teaneck, NJ Fire Department