Option B - Courses

  • Students who place into Option C will, on the basis of Math placement exam scores, enroll in either Math 95 Basic College Math (3 credits) or Math 98 Algebra for College (4 credits) for a total of 3 or 4 credits.
    Math 095 Basic College Math
    Math 098 Algebra for College



    MATH 095 Basic College Math 
    This course develops computational skills involving operations and applications of whole numbers, integers, and rational numbers with an emphasis on use of calculators. Short introductions to the areas of algebra, geometry, statistics, and graphical interpretation are included. Selected students may have the opportunity to complete the requirements of both MATH 095 and MATH 098 in this course. This is a 3-hour, 3 non-degree credit course.
    MATH 098 Algebra for College 
    This course is an introduction to algebra which concentrates on graphic representation, problem solving, and the use and manipulation of polynomials and other algebraic expressions to model and interpret real-life situations. The central themes are the applications of linear and quadratic relationships. This is a 4-hour, 4 non-degree credit course. Prerequisite: MATH 095 Basic College Math or COMP EXAM
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