Health Administration


    Master of Science in Health Sciences with specialization in Health Administration

    This specialization prepares students for professional careers in the administration of a health care program, agency, or facility in hospitals, long-term care facilities, managed care organizations, health centers, federal, state and voluntary health organizations and agencies.

    Course requirements  

    Course  Course Title  Credits 
      Core - 24 credits   
    HLTH 500       Managed Health Care 3
    HLTH 614  Advanced Epidemiology 3
    HLTH 616  Techniques of Health Research 3
    HLTH 617  Health Administration Theory and Practice 3
    HLTH 626  Health Care Organization 3
    HLTH 637  Health Law 3
    HLTH 638  Fiscal Management 3
    HLTH 660  Thesis or Department Project 3
      Restricted Electives - minimum of 6 credits   
    HLTH 501  Administration of Managed Health Care Plans  
    HLTH 605  Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety 3
    HLTH 620  Evidence Based Public Health 3
    HLTH 622  Health Personnel Management 3
    HLTH 647  Health Disparities in Diverse Populations 3
      Elective Courses – up to 9 credits   
    HLTH 510   Health Science Field Study and Travel Seminar: International Health Management  3
    HLTH 610  Contemporary Trends in Community
    Mental Health  
    HLTH 612  Community Organization for Health 3
    HLTH 618  Health Economics 3
    HLTH 621  Seminar in Comprehensive Health Planning 3
    HLTH 630  Trends and Issues in Substance Abuse 3
    HLTH 632  Long-Term Care Administration 3
    HLTH 633  Consumer Health 3
    HLTH 635  Public Health Issues of Immigration 3
      Professional Sequence - 6 credits   
    HLTH 609¹ Supervised Field Training (Residency) 6

    Notes: ¹ An additional six credit residency is required for those students who do not have experience in the health field. The residency can be waived with documentation from an employer. 


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