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Understanding Internet Searching
Checklist for Evaluating Websites
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Info Lit Tutorial: Session 4

Evaluating Information

- How to find appropriate information from the Internet?
- How to evaluate a website ?

Understanding Internet Searching

The Internet is a huge, self-publishing resource. It can be a very fast and effective tool for information and communication. However, "finding a needle in a haystack" requires know-how and critical thinking skills. To better understand how to conduct research using the internet, consult the following introductory tutorial video:

Checklist for Evaluating Webpages

What criteria do you need to consider?

Authority Accuracy Currency  Objectivity Coverage

Who is the author/producer?
Is it clear who is responsible for the contents of the page?
Is there a link to a page describing the goals of the
Are contact names & addresses given?
Is there a statement of copyright?


Why was the page created?
How complete is the information provided?
What is the relative value of this site in comparison to other    
information resources?
Is there a reference note, so the sources for any quotations and
factual information can be verified in another source?


When was the site produced?
When was it last revised?
Do links work?
Are there any other indications that the material is kept current?


Is the information free of advertising?
Is the information provided as a public service?
Is bias evident?
If there is advertising on the page, is it clearly differentiated from
the informational content?


Is it clear what topics the page intends to address?
Is the page succeed in addressing these topics, or has
something significant been left out?
Is there an indication that the page has been completed?
If there is a print equivalent to the Web page, is there a clear
indication of whether the entire work is available on the Web or
only part of it?

Related YouTube Videos

These YouTube selections are provided by other libraries and may refer to resources that are not available in the Guarini Library. Please view them for general instruction only.


After completing the session, a self-test is necessary to assess what you have learned.

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