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Info Lit Tutorial: Session 4


1.The Internet search engine Google searches for information in:
a) Library databases, such as EBSCOHost's Academic Search
b) OSCAR - The library's online catalog
c) Web pages
d) Microfilm

2. Which is NOT recommended for evaluating web pages among the following?
a) Author
b) Date/Currency
c) Color & format
d) Domain

3. Which statement about the Web is FALSE?
a) The Web makes the library unnecessary.
b) Not everything on the Web comes from a reliable and
trustworthy source.
c) The Web is a wonderful tool for research and communication.
d) The Web is not controlled by a single authority.

4. The following statements are about criteria for evaluating web pages. Which one is TRUE?
a) The ability to contact the author via e-mail or a contact
address/phone number is important.
b) If the page is trying to sell a product, the information might be
c) The page should be updated regularly, including the links.
d) All of the above are true.

5. Which of the following domains are most trustworthy?
a) .com and .net
b) .edu and .org
c) .uk and .ca

6. Information found on the Web should not be used for a research paper, since there is no reliable way to evaluate and verify accuracy.
a) True
b) False

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