• History

BA in Elementary Education (History Co-Major)

  • General Studies Requirements fulfilled with the A.A. degree.

    All education major must take the following courses:
    MATH 205
    Problem Solving in Math
    3 credits
    INTD 149
    Human and Intercultural Relations
    3 credits
    BIO 103 or
    BIO 104
    Human Sexuality or the Human Body
    3 credits
    SOC 114
    Sociology of the Family
    3 credits
    PSYC 150
    Birth to Adolescence
    3 credits
    Early Childhood Education Requirements (36 Credits):
    Phase I
    ECE 200
    Introduction to Early Childhood
    3 credits
    ECE 215
    Introductory Field Work
    1 credit
    ECE 225
    Professional Dispositions in ECE
    1 credit
    LTED 270
    Emerging Literacy at Home and at School
    3 credits
    Phase II
    ECE 210
    Young Children's Development, Behavior and Learning
    3 credits
    ECE 220
    Introductory Field Work II
    1 credit
    SPEC 250
    Introduction to Ed. and Psych. of Exceptional Children
    3 credits
    ECE 460
    Working with Families of Young Children
    3 credits
    Phase III
    ECE 350
    Early Childhood Integrated Curriculum
    3 credits
    LTED 350
    Early Childhood Reading, Language and Lit Curriculum
    2 credits
    ECE 331
    Early Childhood Field Experience
    1 credit
    ECE 300
    Early Primary Curriculum
    3 credits
    Phase IV
    Students must pass the Diagnostic Praxis Exam
    before registering for Phase IV.
    ECE 1480
    Early Childhood Internship
    6 credits
    ECE 1450
    Reflecting on Knowledge and Practice
    2 credits
    ECE 500
    Early Childhood Classroom Management
    1 credit
    History Co-Major (36 Credits):
    Students who major in history as their academic co-major should have taken 12 credits of history at the A.A. level. of the 12, 6 must be American Civilization I and II.