• History

Bachelor of Arts in History

  • Bachelor of Arts in History

    Studying history prepares students for many interesting and rewarding careers, including law, civil service, journalism, historical research, and teaching. Coninued study may include a master's or doctoral degree in history or education or a J.D. in law.
    There are no requirements other than the general university requirements for admission to this degree track.
    Course requirements for completion of the major include the following.
    Course Code  Course Title  Credits 



    I. Required Required for all majors  
    HIST 418* Capstone Seminar 3



    II. Regions Select 1 course from 3 of the following regions 9



    HIST 150 American History to 1865 3
    HIST 152 American History Since 1865 3



    HIST 156 Western Civilization to 1648 3
    HIST 158 Early Modern Europe 3
    HIST 160 Europe in the 20th Century 3



    HIST 162 Introduction to Latin American Civilizations 3



    HIST 164**
    Introduction to African Civilizations
    **(Cross-listed with AFRO 164)



    HIST 168 Middle East, Past and Present 3



    HIST 166 Introduction to Asian Civilization 3



    III. Upper Level Electives 5 History courses at the 200-400 level 15



    IV. Electives 3 History courses at the 100-400 level 9



    Total credits required for the major   36
     *HIST 418 constitutes your capstone experience. The course requires you to write a senior thesis. It should not be taken until you have completed at least 18 credit hours of history courses.