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Drug Free Workplace Policies

  • Drug-Free Workplace Policy 


    New Jersey City University is required by the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 (41 USC Section 701-707) to notify all employees that the unlawful manufacture, sale, distribution, possession or use of a controlled substance in or on any premises or property owned or controlled by the University is prohibited. A controlled substance is any substance so defined by federal or state statute or regulation. The University also recognizes that the unlawful use of controlled substances by its employees in the workplace is inconsistent with the University's urban mission.

    In an effort to promote a drug free workplace, the University urges its employees who experience drug- related problems to seek assistance through the Department of Human Services, and specifically the Employee Advisory Service (EAS). Employees who are experiencing performance problems in the workplace may be required to undergo treatment for substance abuse, or be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. Further, and consistent with the Drug-Free Workplace Act, those convicted of violating a criminal drug statute while at the workplace will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, including termination, or will be required to participate satisfactorily in an approved drug assistance or rehabilitation program or both. Employees who are convicted under a criminal statute for a drug -related offense that occurred in the workplace are required under the Act to notify the University (Human Resources) within five days of the conviction.